Monday, July 5, 2010

Krispy Kreme Cheerwine Doughnuts Through July 2010

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Cheerwine soft drink company teamed up for a July 2010 treat - a doughnut filled with Cheerwine flavored creme.

The debut of the new treat was at Governor Bev Purdue's office with a test batch roll out at Krispy Kreme in Salisbury, NC later in the day. The Salisbury Krispy Kreme will be the only doughnut shop to sell the Cheerwine doughnuts, although various outlets (try Harris Teeter) will be offering the new flavor in 6 packs. Currently, production of the Cheerwine flavored doughnut is slated for July 2010 only.

Salisbury is the home of the Cheerwine company and is located about half way between Charlotte and Greensboro off I77. The doughnut shop is on West Innes St. close to Catawba College (if you see the college - you went too far), so if you arrive from out of town, take the Salisbury/Albemarle exit but toward Salisbury and follow Innes. The doughnut shop is on the right coming in that way and only a couple of miles off the highway.

I had a chance to try the Cheerwine doughnut today, and it it a chocolate covered doughnut with sprinkles and then with Pepto Bismal colored filling. So, the filling is pink versus red like the soft drink, but the flavor of the filling is like Cheerwine but sweeter.

Honestly, I am not the best person to say if this is a good doughnut or not, because I am not a creme filled doughnut eater. I always find creme to be too sweet, and Cheerwine creme is even sweeter than white creme. So, the sugar made the hairs stand up on my arm and with only the first bite.

For someone who likes sweet creme or Ding Dongs and Twinkies, then I would think the Cheerwine doughnut would be a good bet. The extra cherry cola flavor in there is interesting and better, I think, than just plain white sugar creme. For me, it's more sugar than I can handle other than a bite now and spaced out over the day.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Snappy Lunch - Mount Airy NC - Fried Pork Chop Sandwich

I can't belive I've lived all these years in North Carolina and never been to Snappy Lunch in Mount Airy, NC. But, my parents weren't foodies, and they were more likely to pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and find a spot alongside the road than take us to restuarants when we were growing. up.

I had, of course, heard of Snappy Lunch. Andy Griffith is from Mount Airy, and he mentioned Snappy Lunch in one of his early episodes. The whole series is based off his hometown of Mt Airy. For instance, he talks about Mt. Pilot, and Pilot Mountain is right down the road from Mt. Airy.

Lots of other people have heard of Snappy Lunch too as you can see from the line on the sidewalk. The little mainstreet diner is larger than it looks, and wait times are not bad even with the line out the door.

The wait for us was maybe 10 minutes and well worth that and much longer. It did not get boring out on the sidewalk. There was some guy who was cracking jokes. I'm not sure if he was an employee or just a local out to "fun" everyone, but he was having a blast talking like we were back in the 1950s.

When we got in Snappy Lunch, I was surprised at the menu. They have the pork chop sandwich, a bologna sandwich (like they started out with for low cost to students who did not have a cafeteria back in the day) and just a couple of other main items like a burger with or without breading.

You can get some potato chips for 50 cents and a drink. If you want fancy appetizers and all loads of sides, you can go somewhere else.

They know what they do well at Snappy Lunch, and they don't mess with a good thing. In fact, they do well enough that they only serve breakfast starting at 5:30 am and then lunch which wraps up around 1 pm. Yes. They are on Southern time. Early to rise and breakfast at the crack of dawn and lunch is noon, although they stay open a bit later for the slackers and tourists I guess.

The crowd at Snappy Lunch is a mixture of locals and regulars plus the visitors, and it is a comfortable mix. Everyone is nice and friendly and easy to be around.

The prices are just crazy. I hate to even mention this, because Snappy Lunch really ought to go up, and who wants that? The big old pork chop sandwich is only $4 and the bologna sandwich is just $1.60. Add the drink at $1.15. Whoa buddy, you really don't get deals like this and for a place that is super popular with great food.

I've paid much more for lunches not near as good. That's for sure.

I may try something else off the menu at Snappy Lunch some time, but I can't imagine doing so when the pork chop sandwich is so fabulous.

Snappy Lunch pork chop sandwich comes on a big bun and has the traditional North Carolina toppings of chili, cole slaw, mustard, onions, and tomato. That's how I got mine. You can hold any items you don't like, but I'm not even a slaw fan, and this sandwich fully dressed worked for me.

The pork chop sandwiches are really big and kind of messy with all the toppings, but I have to say this ranks as one of the best sandwiches I have ever had anywhere. I can see why they have all the buzz about Mount Airy Snappy Lunch pork chop sandwiches. They really are ALL THAT and inexpensive to boot with great service and friendly diners. You can't beat this deal, and if you are anywhere near Mt. Airy at lunch time, you really need to stop off and get a pork chop sandwich.