Saturday, July 4, 2009

Photos from Faith, NC 4th of July Week 2009

Faith, North Carolina pulled out all the stops for the annual 4th of July week of fun. While most towns have some fireworks after dark on the 4th (and they do at Faith too), this town makes the 4th of July a full week of rides, fun, and games.

If you haven't heard of Faith, NC, that's probably because it's a town of 600 people. So, it's just not going to get much press most days. But, they sure do know how to put on a huge party to celebrate red, white, and blue and all this country stands for.

For more information if you plan to go tonight or next year, see the Faith 4th of July web page.

The weather in North Carolina can be pretty hinkie. But, you'd do well to carry sun screen and to wear sunglasses like the young lady above. In July, we're usually really hot, sticky and muggy here. But, we get a fair amount of rain and especially in the evenings. An umbrella is not a bad idea to have in the car or truck . . . just in case.

They have a good number of rides, and they offer specials. Today, for example, they had unlimited rides for $20 from noon through 5 p.m. I think it was. Nice deal. And, the lines weren't long in the middle of the day.

Things crank up more at night of course. They also have live entertainment each evening, and they sponsor and Idol contest.

My guys enjoyed the smoothies. It was a good day for one - that's for sure. I tried a peach and pineapple smoothie, and tht was a pretty good combo flavor. I think I still like strawberry/banana the best.

If things get a little hot for you at the Faith 4th of July festival, there are a number of tables with some under tents and quite a few under trees. People also bring lawn chairs and blankets and rest in the park area which is pretty.

All in all, this is good small town fun. People are relaxed. A lot of folks dress up with the patriotic theme. Service groups are out helping too. For instance, they did eye checks at a trailer today.

Last Call for the Faith, NC 4th of July Festival - 2009

The weather is just perfect today to wind up the Faith, North Carolina 4th of July festival. Well, it is a little hot. But, there are smoothies and sodas and water plus plenty of shade trees in this small Southern town of 600 people.

Faith, NC is right south of Salisbury, NC. If you get off I85 at a Salisbury exit, then you can ask, and someone will tell you how to get to Faith. Or, you can just put Main Street, Faith, NC in your GPS. In a town of 600, if you find Main Street, you will find the festival and all the people.

I've seen estimates that Faith swells to 30,000 across the week for the yearly Faith celebration. No. I did not stand and count, but I can tell you that they had a lot of folks over there having fun today.

There are a number of kiddie rides. I've found that some of the big amusement parks go skimpy on the rides for little ones, but Faith had several including this cute little bumble bee ride which the toddler crowd seemed to like a lot. My boys, now being teens, were not much interested in bee rides. Oh well. There will be grandkids some day huh?

The swings went over well with kids and adults. I always liked the swing rides except after eating junk food. I learned that lesson quick though, so I eat last now and not before riding especially in circles.

The little boys (and girls too) loved these cars and motorcycles. This is, after all, NASCAR country. Brrrrr. Start your engines please.

Slides just seem to get bigger every year. The big yellow slide drew a few brave souls who rode down on burlap sacks. I'm guessing that plastic got pretty got today, so I just watched the slipping and sliding.

In addition to the carnival style rides, they had loads of good food at the Faith 4th of July Festival and also entertainment each evening. Contests included the Apple Ugly chow down and Faith Idol. And, the week will end with fireworks tonight.

If you missed out this year, don't worry. This is an annual Faith tradition and very popular with locals and visitors. Just check the Faith Festival page and plan for next year if you missed it for 2009.